The Life is a god given gift. It is all around us. There is life in trees, in animals, in flowers – even in the soil and in stones in a more subtle form. The Life is virtually everywhere around us. It is sacred – a gift of the creator. The life within ourselves, within our bodies is sacred and god given too! It should be maintained with living food and living water; it should be supported with living houses – buildings that are full of life energy!In our times this does not happen! The life leaves our bodies too fast, leaving us prone to degenerative civilization diseases. This website is designed to explain in detail the cause for all our degenerative diseases – and it will also offer you the solutions that you need to get life back into your body, to be able to heal yourself from illness and bodily pains. Read on and spend some time with this website – you might have just discovered the precious secrets of staying healthy and living your full potential.