An important part of our activities is education on health. Frank has spend many years with alternative health research and he feels that the information about health that is publicly available is more than insufficient to get people off the track of serious civilization diseases.No one even seems to know what health is. The WHO says: Health is the absence of disease – we think this is a very poor and insufficient definition of Health.
Read “The Secret of Ageing” to learn more about Health. With our Education Program we cover various important subjects:

The Cause of Cancer (This talk aims to give an understanding what factors are involved that trigger cancer – and that all these factors have one effect in common that can be called the cause of cancer – see also “The Cause of Cancer” on this website, the talk is going much more in detail.)

The Secret of Ageing – or How to Treat and Prevent Degenerative Diseases (see also “The Secret of Ageing” on this website, the talk is going more in detail)

The Art of Feng Shui – how to create a healthy and harmonic home (see also “TheLife in Houses”)

Vegetarian opportunities – Health, economic and spiritual relations in comparison of a meat and non meat diet (one evening – if facilities available, a second evening with practical wholefood cooking !!)

Healing with life force energy – the future of medicine

Negative Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields and Geopathic Stress (see also “TheLife in Houses”)

Above subjects are designed as 2 hour evening talks. The talks are given by Frank Albrecht (initiator of “TheLife Centre”). They can be booked by anyone who is interested to hear them: private groups, community centres, holistic centres, woman’s groups,…..
Some more information about Frank and the talks:
Frank Albrecht has been trained as Holistic Therapist, Nutritional Consultant and Feng Shui Consultant. Most of his training he received directly from alternative scientists J. Lohkaemper/ P. Jentschura. Their work led to a breakthrough in understanding human biochemistry and the process of ageing. It is taught in many regarded naturopathic schools in Germany today.

The talks and courses that Frank offers are based on actual research in this field – as well as ancient traditional knowledge from all over the world – presented in a way that even allows an average secondary school child to understand. The information provided in these talks is a unique opportunity for everyone to learn about ageing, the causes for degenerative diseases and staying healthy.

Following full day workshops are available:

The Art of Feng Shui(one full day or 3 evenings) (please ask for more detailed information)

Self help course for staying healthy (3 – 4 evenings or 1 ½ days)
a practical course for everyone who wants to take the responsibility for their own health. We do not have to join the negative cancer statistics! The importance of food, water, choosing the right supplements, how to clear electromagnetic & geopathic stress, advice for dealing with everyday stresses. This course puts the information from the above talks (cause of cancer, secret of ageing) into practice.

The costs for the talks and workshops will vary according to traveling distances, and the number of courses booked – so please do not hesitate to ask. For bookings and further details, ring Frank at “TheLife – Holistic Research & Therapy Centre” (The Sheenun House, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim) on 071 – 9854186