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Therapy, Testing and Consultations

A holistic health consultation offers a completely different approach than a visit at a doctor.
In our consultation we offer you knowledge about health. We believe that it is essential to know everything about the condition of health and the bio-physical and bio-chemical factors that are predominant in a person as well as the factors in their environment. This may help that person in a healing process or just to extent the wellbeing and slow down the speed of ageing.
The condition of health is unfortunately not touched (or very little) at medical universities. The official medical approach is purely concentrated on symptom treatment of 30.000 different conditions of disease. This is useful for emergency situation but unfortunately useless as form of therapy. Hopefully in future there will be more cooperation between these two approaches.

We try to help individuals to improve their health and well being by testing for the factors in their system that cause Health Imbalances. Testing is done with a Rayonex Bio – Resonance system which enables to conduct remote tests (the person does not need to be present at the centre – we use a photograph and name and adress to access vibrational information (morphogenetic field) about the individual with the bio-resonance device).
The basic tests include 20 different forms of geopathic and electromagnetic stress, heavy metal intoxications, most common parasites and a bioenergetic test for the different organs. The fee for the basic testing is € 70.- and also includes a consultation (on the phone, skype or here in the centre) that points out best possibilities for a natural therapy or for best health improvement. For booking a consultation please go here.
We also give advice on nutrition and how to slow down the aging process (what we call degenerative disseases is nothing else then the by – product of accelerated aging caused by wrong nutrition and lifestyle).

Another important activity are House Examinations for Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress. The seriousness of electromagnetic pollution for our health is largely underestimated. We will provide in debt analysis of the biological risks within your house and advise adequate solutions. See “EMF & Geo Stress”.

We also offer educational talks and workshops on topics like the causes of cancer, how to reverse the ageing process, vegetarian nutrition and Feng Shui. If you are interested to host a talk at your place for yourself and your friends and family, or in a public place, please get in contact with us.

More details:
Our work aims to help people to understand that incurable diseases do not exist. Every disease has a cause. Causes can be identified and healed.
In contrary to myths about incurable and genetic diseases that are spread by mainstream media in favour of the pharmaceutical medicine approach, alternative Health Research shows very clearly that every disease can be cured once all the causes are identified and addressed correctly.
For every possible disease in the world (I think there are over 30000, maybe more) there are 3 categories of causes that always have to be addressed:

1. The internal Environment of the Body (Bio -Terrain). This is the (watery) environment in which all life processes inside the human body work. Long before the symptom of a disease appears, a metabolic disturbance can be detected.

2. The external Environment – the place where you live, your house or apartment. You might be astonished but the energy in your house and especially of your sleeping place has a strong effect on your health and is almost always involved as a cause of disease. The key to understanding is that human beings are open systems and not closed systems as postulated by conventional medicine. That means vibrations and energies (such as geopathic and electromagnetic stress) have a direct impact on the human system.

3. The Soul. What is commonly referred to as psychosomatic is indeed the very personal makeup of a human soul that went through many experiences and incarnations on this planet and ingrained certain behavioural patterns that need to be understood and transformed. The study of oneself and the awareness of the 7 main chakras (seen as the main 7 interfaces of body and soul) can help to bring awareness and healing in this area.

According to our research, all of these 3 different categories of causes have to be addressed for healing any disease or for drastic improvements of ones health.
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