Products to protect yourself from Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress

During the past 12 years we have tested a large number of different devices that are supposed to counteract electromagnetic and geopathic stress. The difference in functionality in these products are immense. A product can never neutralise 100% of the geopathic or electromagnetic stress and most products only neutralise 30 -40 % – which is not enough to create a healthy atmosphere at home. The products we have choosen on this website are not chosen for business reasons – I have chosen them because they have had by far the best test results from all products that I have ever tested.

The Feng Shui Power Disc 99 protects a whole house from geopatic and electromagnetic stress. For more information go here.

The large E-Smog Server protects you from wireless devices and on the laptop, computer or TV.

The small E-Smog Server protects yourself while using the mobile phone.

The Personal Server Pendant protects you from EMF where ever you go.

The P. Jentschura Alkaline Health Cure

The Peter Jentschura Alkaline Health Cure (formerly “Orgon”) is based on over 80 years of holistic research. It aims to provide us with natural alkaline minerals and vitamins that are vital for our health. It cleanses our system from impurities that cause disease. These products present the cutting edge science to rejuvenate and alkalize your body.

The Hildegard Orgon Accumulator

The Hildegard Orgon Accumulator provides you with a high level of life energy. It is life energy that is organising all the billions of cells that are constantly reproduced in our body. A deficiency in life energy leads to disorder in our system. Disorder eventually leads to disease. With this special Orgon Accumulator your can charge your food, your water and yourself with lifeĀ  energy.