EMF Protection for mobile phones

Best Protection from EMFs in houses and Offices: The Power E-Smog Server – large

Power e-smog server for mobile phones, mp3 players and headsets

Price € : 32.-

The small Power E-Smog Server can neutralise the negative biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. A new technology makes this device much more efficient then other available devices on the market. With Bio-Resonance testing, we were able to measure a stress reduction of over 90%. An alteration of the technical electromagnetic field does not happen.

The large Power E-Smog Server is used for protection against the biological effects from electromagnetic fields of:

- mobile phones
- mp3 players
- Head sets (with or without remote control)
- wireless telephones (base station and phone)
- satellite receiver
- Radio clocks and radio controlled clocks
- Video / DVD Recorder
- Halogen lamps with transformers
- Radio stations

How does the Power E-Smog Server function?

It is not the electromagnetic field that causes our health to decline, but the negative biological information that the EMF’s conveys to our system. This might seem a new idea to you but you can compare this process to how you turn ordinary lactose tablets into powerful homeopathic remedies. It is certainly not the lactose that has a strong healing effect on many people (and animals) who take homeopathic remedies, but the information that it obtained during the making process. In a similar way you can change the negative biological information that electromagnetic waves carry and render them harmless. (As you may know, electromagnetic fields are sometimes successfully used for healing – certain medical devices work with electric currents therapeutically).

Effects of the Power E-Smog Server on General Well-being:

If you stick the large Power E-Smog Server on any electric device that you regularly use (especially TV’s, computers and laptops), you block out the negative biological information that EMFs constantly bombard your body with. This may aid you to regenerate your health, improve your sleep patterns and support any kind of therapy. It may also improve your overall energy and strengthen your immune system. It will make working on your computer or watching TV much more fun because now you can be assured your health does not need to suffer. However even more important is to harmonise the energy in your whole house and block out negative energies from mobile phone or WIFI masts – please look for our Feng Shui Power Disc 99 to help you do that. For mobile phones, mp3 players and headsets, please look at small Power E-Smog Server.

My personal experience with the small Power E-Smog Server as a Health Researcher, Feng Shui practitioner, Dowser and Bio- Resonance practitioner:

Before I found the Power E-Smog Server, I used different technologies to neutralise the negative energy from my mobile phone. My main protection always was to not use the mobile phone if possible – however sometimes I just had to use it. Since the small Power E-Smog Server is stuck to my mobile phone, I don’t feel any disturbance from using it anymore.

For protecting your whole house from geopathic stress and e-smog, please check the Feng Shui Power Disc 99.

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