Hildegard Orgon Accumulator

Most of the old cultures knew about the existence of life energy which was called Chi, Prana, Od, vis vitae, bioenergy or orgon. Unfortunately in western societies this knowledge got widely lost as in these countries people are primarily focussing on material objects.

Also many scientists today do only accept phenomena that are measurable with physical devices. Orgon energy is not organised in atoms (our scientist are presently focusing on research related to any appearances based on atomic structures). But in recent years a branch of science came into existence, that is able to measure the amount of life energy in organisms and substances: Biophoton research. Prof. Popp (Germany) uses light amplifiers to measure the amount of light, that is directly emitted by living cells.

It has been proven now, that devices like the Hildegard Orgon Accumulator enhance the life energy within any living organism (it can be also used to charge gemstones!). This effect can also be measured by means of kirlian photography or aura photography.

How does the Hildegard Orgon Accumulator help you?
The Hildegard Orgon Accumulator provides you with a high level of life energy. It is life energy that is organising all the billions of life functions that are continuously happening in our body. A deficiency in life energy leads to disorder in our system. Disorder eventually leads to disease. In our industrialised world, our food (which should provide us with life energy) gets processed in factories; it gets poisoned on the fields (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides) and it gets radiated. All this leads to food, that is seriously lacking life energy.

The water that we are drinking is often poisoned with fluoride and chlorine and is more liable to withdraw life energy from us, then to provide us with it. The houses we live in very often have very low life energy as well. – The Hildegard Orgon Accumulator can charge your food and your water with life energy. You can put everything on the accumulator, that you are going to consume. It will be charged with life energy – this will allow your organism to assimilate nutrients much more efficient. Energised water helps you to get rid of a certain amount of toxins. (Nevertheless get a good water filter and organic food!) – You can also charge your gemstones or medication and tinctures. It will increase the efficiency!

You can of course directly charge yourself. Place a Hildegard Orgon Accumulator underneath your bed for example. – Or just put your hands or your feet on it for 10 minutes! Does the Hildegard Orgon Accumulator need to be charged? No. If it is cared for it can work as long as you live How is the Hildegard Orgon accumulator constructed? It is no secret. It consists of several layers of galvanised iron and natural felt (integrated with the right polarity). It contains three powerful symbols and a powder of 7 different ground gemstones (one for each chakra) that have been mined on especially powerful places.

The Hildegard Orgon Accumulator has helped already many people with different health problems (please read about the “Cause of Cancer” on this web site for more information). The Retail price is 1295,- Euro