Alkaline Health Cure

7×7 Alkaherb Tea

Help yourself to a real treat and clear up your mind on a cold or gloomy day with a marvelously fragrant cup of hot 7×7 AlkaHerb Tea! The fine selection of 49 ingredients is not only mild and digestible but also appealing with its delicious taste rendered by the various herbs, seeds, spices, roots and blossoms. On hot days the well balanced blend of herbs can be enjoyed as a cool thirst quencher, too


7×7 AlkaHerb® herbal tea contains 49 herbs, seeds, roots, fruits and blossoms, as well as plenty of trace elements and minerals. Many wild herbs are used in this mixture. The balanced herbal formula of 7×7 AlkaHerb® confers this herbal tea an excellent taste and makes it digestible and wholesome too.


Use 1 tablespoon of 7×7 AlkaHerb® herbal tea per 1 litre of water and 1 level teaspoon for a cup of tea.

Put the herb mixture in a tea-pot, pour over boiling water and stir briefly. Allow the tea to infuse for a maximum of 2-3 minutes, then pour it through a strainer.


Start drinking one or two cups of 7×7 AlkaHerb® herbal tea per day. Slowly increase the daily quantity to 0.5 – 1 litre. Enjoy it in summer as a thirst quencher and in winter as a warming beverage. 7×7 AlkaHerb® herbal tea is also the ideal complement to purification regimens, fasting or dieting.

Please drink every day 1.5 – 2 litres of non-carbonated water with a low mineral content.~

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AlkaLife (Wurzelkraft) is offered as natural vegetable food granules. Besides valuable pollen it contains a unique blend of over 100 ingredients such as herbs, vegetables, fruit, spices, seeds and greens

New power for the organism that’s lacking minerals and energy. AlkaLife® is loaded with purely plant-derived minerals. No artificial preservative, colouring or flavouring added. Based on a scientific analysis AlkaLife® contains the vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin and Folic Acid.


AlkaLife® can be added to warm cereal, muesli, apple sauce, juice or yoghurt. It can also be mixed with soups or other beverages. Please ensure that the food is at normal eating temperature, as vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other vital nutrients contained in AlkaLife® could be affected by temperatures exceeding 45°C.

AlkaLife® is also recommended as a seasoning for tomatoes, salads, cream cheese, butter etc. It can also be directly salivated. This way valuable minerals are pre-digested through the mucous membranes of the mouth or pharynx.


The recommended daily dosage is 3 teaspoons of AlkaLife® at mealtime. Elderly people, pregnant women and athletes definitely need a higher dosage. This could vary from 5-8 teaspoons per day. The latter dosage is also appropriate for supporting the process of hair regeneration.

AlkaLife ® is precious

The food we eat today no longer deserves to be called „nourishing.“ Most of what we eat is mass produced, cooked, frozen or pre-processed in one way or another. The ingredients in these products often originate from monocultures grown in impoverished soil. They lack essential nutrients and do not provide us with the vital energy we need.

However, many working people today have no choice but to eat in the company cafeteria, a conventional restaurant or at a fast food restaurant. Hence, the deficiencies engendered by these eating habits need to be made up for by natural, purely plant derived food. And this is where AlkaLife® comes in. This vegetable food stuff contains roots, vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs.

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AlkaBath (Meine Base) – alkaline bath salts

AlkaBath alkaline mineral bath salts are well suited for full baths, hip baths and showers, for foot and hand baths and for different kinds of compress’. Alkaline body care with an optimum pH value of the bath water of 8.5

Body care has been alkaline since the days of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans. These civilizations used sodium bicarbonate, milk or alkaline soaps for body care. All body care for the elderly was carried out using only soft soap with values about pH 9.0. Leaching baths lasting for several hours were a traditional part of ancient Japanese and Mexican culture and are still practiced in these countries to this day due to their benefits for overall physical and spiritual well being. AlkaBath (MeineBase) bath salts with a pH value of pH 8.0 – 8.5 stand firmly in this venerable tradition. The pH level depends on the initial value and hardness of the tap water.


A bath temperature of 36°– 38° C (97°–100° F) is recommended for full baths, for foot baths it is 38°– 41° C (100° – 106° F). The bathing times should be of at least 30 minutes, ideal are 45 – 60 minutes or longer. Three tablespoons of AlkaBath suffice for a full bath and one tablespoon for a hip bath. One heaped teaspoon suffices for compresses, rinses, inhalations and foot baths.


Special applications are AlkalineStockings, AlkalineCuffs, Alkaline ArmpitCushions, Alkaline Neck- and ForeheadWrap, Alkaline BodyWrap, AlkalineCoat and Alkaline BodywrapCloth. (these can be ordered on request). AlkaBath (MeineBase) is well suitable even for massages, sauna, steam bath, dental care and alkaline rinses. Exfoliating alkaline salt peelings after sports and soft alkaline baby care complete the full range of application.

Stay true to the 10,000 year old tradition of alkaline body care!

AlkaBath (MeineBase) allows the skin to purify and self-oil, giving it perfect suppleness. Experience the special value of the finely ground eight precious stones agate, carneol, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, rock crystal and onyx. AlkaBath alkaline mineral bath salts are highly economical in use.

Brushing the body every ten minutes with a bath brush during a full bath has a simulating effect.

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3000 gr. is €60.-

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