The Life within us – how to really heal ill-health

The life within us

Some open words about health and our health care system
Medical science is very restricted due to its materialistic concept. A medical science that is not based on an understanding of life is not able to support health in a population and to provide therapies that can cure degenerative diseases. (As everyone can obviously see!)
Ancient approaches like traditional chinese and traditional indian medicine were based on an holistic understanding of life – only if we include spiritual and energetic aspects of life we are able to understand fully what is happening in the complex human system.

Nowadays western medical research only use dead bodies as basis for their research. How can we understand life, if we examine a body in which life has already ceased?
Hopefully society is close enough to the process of understanding, that life is much more than a purely physical and mechanistic process. It is god given, comes from a divine, spiritual source and manifests on this beautiful blue planet in form of spiritual beings, subtle energies and physically visible life in form of plants, animals and humans. All these life forms are never separated from each other, they constantly interweave.

A basic understanding of these processes allows a more precise picture about how to keep in balance within our life – a coherence that we call health. In this context it does appear slightly useless to only study details of 30.000 conditions of disease, if the primary condition of health is not understood at all.
We need both – we need an understanding of the symptoms to diagnose and classify a disease (the doctors job) and we need someone to understand health to be able to provide us with a suitable therapy (a holistic health practitioners job).

What our health care system is trying to sell us as a therapy (the swallowing of synthetic pills with often serious side effects) is only still tolerated due to lack of information (or due to suppressed information from official sides – the pharmaceutical market is a billion dollar industry branch and has a big lobby).

The myth of genetically caused disease
With the aid of modern mass media (which is owned and controlled by big companies that co-operate or have shares with pharmaceutical companies) many wrong informations about health are spread.
It is one method to comfort people about the true nature of their ill-health to blame the genes. “This is genetic – we can’t do anything about it” – what a nonsense!! The cause for a disease can always be found within the biological terrain of the person! The bio – terrain is the environment in which all life processes within the human body work. If this bio – terrain is acidic or oxidised (which applies to more than 90 % of the western population) various diseases will appear. The quality of the bio – terrain is influenced by nutrition, electromagnetic and radioactive radiation, water, pollution (pollution no.1 are the chemicals that are in our foods and household products), stress, geopathic stress, psychological and spiritual factors. If a person is not regarding these factors for a length of time metabolic changes will appear within the bio – terrain and disaese will appear in form of various symptom. The actual illness is already present many years before a symptom develops. Where this symptom develops (as heart disaese, diabetes, cancer or something else) – this is the genetical factor. But not the disease its self – this can only happen if one or more of the above mentioned factors are out of balance.

What can be done to find out about the cause for a health problem?
After regarding the history and the life style of a person several bio – resonance tests can be made.

A basic Bio – Resonance check includes:

a) Bio-Resonance test for energy blockades and weaknesses in your system. Shows how your organs are functioning from a bio-energetic point of view. It might show weak points before a symptom develops. (This is not a diagnose, just a bio-energy test!)
b) Bio-Resonance test for electromagnetic and geopathic stress. This test can tell you how much your system is affected by electromagnetic fields and geopathic disturbance zones – it goes in detail!
c) Bio-Resonance test for mineral deficiencies, parasites and heavy metal intoxication (shows if you have mercury, aluminium and other heavy metals in your system – those are linked with alzheimer and parkinsons and other problems)

This basic test is 75.- Euro and can be done without your presence at the centre. Just  send your fee to “” per paypal. Email me with your name and address (spelling has to be precise), phone number and a photograph of yourself. I will do the bio-resonance testing with the aid of the photograph and we can then make an appointment for a consultation on the phone or on skype based on these results.
If you live in Ireland, you can send a cheque for €70.- to
Frank Albrecht
Barr rd.
Rossinver; Co. Leitrim
instead of using paypal.
You will receive the results usually within 14 days.

More detailed tests are possible to check for parasites, bacterias, viruses and toxins in the system. We can also test you for Bach Flower Remedies.

We have it in our hand anytime to transform our health